Arenas – All weather arenas

The Club has two all-weather arenas, one of 95×105 meters and another of 70×30 meters built with the Risohorse® ebb and flow system.

With the term flow and reflux the process is described in which, in the flow, water is extracted from the sand and dried, while in the reflux, water is returned to the sand and moistened.

For all purposes, the layout of the new facility has been designed, which will have the capacity to stable more than 1,000 horses in competition.

horse stables
luxury horse stables

The process of extracting moisture from the sand and adding moisture to the sand can be easily transferred to your riding ground with the Risohorse® ebb and flow system. By fully automated regulation of the moisture content in the riding layer, the excess moisture is removed from the riding ground, and the evaporated moisture is completely counterweighed. This automatic adaptation to the humidity demand of the riding ground means that all the fundamental requirements of a riding track are met:

  • Homogeneous and constant basic humidity in the riding layer.
  • Soil compactness.
  • Drainage capacity.
  • Elasticity.

The Risohorse® ebb and flow system is mounted over the natural floor. In this surface, a subsoil is created that will be covered with a sheet. A system of drainage pipes will be placed on the sheet, which will be connected to a regulation water well outside the riding ground. On the drainage pipes, an equitation layer of about 30 cm of sand will be placed, which will be flooded with water through the drainage pipes. In this way, the riding ground obtains its compactness.

Horse stables in Sotogrande

The facility has 79 stables, 3.5 x 3.5 meters of the brand Röwer and Rob with the following characteristics:

  • Rail system integrated in the Frontal.
  • 1.40 m wide door, maximum opening 1.30 m.
  • Door with telescopic closing of easy opening (with just one hand) and silent action.
  • Feed ports.
  • Reinforced steel profile in C of 50 x 50 x 4 mm.
  • Automatic water fountain (drinkers).
Luxury horse stables in Sotogrande